Because a celebration of life is an important step in the healing process, we at Hendryx Mortuaries want to help you plan a celebration that not only honors  the individual but also pays respects to your loved one’s life, loves, and accomplishments. We will work with you to ensure the memory of your loved one’s memory lives on. Browse through our service options below or contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

Your Choice Of Funeral

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living" Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro
Before A Service

When a death occurs, there is often much confusion over what needs to be done, by when,  and by whom. There are a number of decisions to be addressed after a loved one's passing, and whether you or your loved one have already made prearrangements or are at-need of our services, we will be there to guide you through the entire process. 



Funeral Services

Funerals allow a unique opportunity to commerate the life and say farewell to someone who has touched their lives.  It also allows family and friends to gather a share memories with one another;  remembering the special moments that brought you all together and celebrate the individual.


After The Service

The funeral or memorial service, while important, is only the first step in the healing process in saying farewell to someone we love. As you make this journey, we will continue to make ourselves available to listen and support you and your family as long as you need us. 

Pet Services

When a family pet dies, it can deeply affect everyone. We realize that for many, a pet is as significant a part of the family as any other member. and should be respected as such. We take this into great consideration in helping those who want a meaningful way to take care of their furry family member after they pass away. 

Event Hosting

Our Cumberland venue, conveniently located at 11636 E. Washington Street, offers the perfect location for  meetings, receptions, weddings  and special events. The Cumberland Room provides a warm atmosphere to gather and reconnect, it can easily accomodate 60 to 70 dining guests and has easy access to the parking for those needing to bring in items for the event. It also is epuipt with a large TV for slideshows, presentations, and a full kitchen area for catering or food preparation. The Cumberland location also has a large chapel room, able to accomodate 100 to 150 guests that can also be used for receptions and/or a dining area with music capabilities to set the tone for your special event.  

Online Memorials

Even if your choose not to use a publication for your service, there are other options available. At no charge we offer the opportunity to digitaly post an obituary to our website, making it accessible to relatives or friends who may not be able to attend the service. 


During the arrangement meeting, you will be able to select a publication to submit an obituary to. At the meeting we will gather information from you and write for you to look over. After you have reviewed the information. selected the publication, and dates we will contact the paper and submit the information to them.

*Please note: the prices will vary depending on the type of publication, size of the obituary, and whether or not a photograph is also published with the submission. These prices are set by the individual publication and are at their discretion to adjust.


Death Certificates

At the prearrangement and arrangement meeting, we will need to gether information about your loved one to submit for the completion of the death certificates. It is important that this document be completed with accuracy and in a timely manner and we will work with you to verify that all of the information needed is done so correctly. This document will be necessary for any bank accounts, vehicles, residences/properties, or insurance policies registered in the name of your loved one. The Hendryx staff member you meet with can help you decide the number of certified copies you may need, and can also order more copies should you ever need to attain additional copies for any reason.