Why Plan Ahead?

When faced with having to make funeral arrangements, most people have no prior experience in organizing such an event, and little knowledge of what to do. Funeral Directors can alleviate this burden by guiding you through a range of services, allowing you to choose an appropriate funeral that will be conducted professionally and gives dignity to the individual being celebrated. It is our role as Funeral Directors to assist in every way possible to ensure the wishes of the family and the deceased are fulfilled. The costs associated with a funeral will vary due to the options available and what the family selects, allowing you to tailor the services to reflect you or your loved one's personal, cultural, religious,  and financial needs.


Help take the burden off your loved ones by taking your end-of-life
decisions in advance, in a calm and thoughtful atmosphere.


Having a plan in place can offer you and your loved ones a peace of mind for the future.

There are a number of reasons why it is beneficial to prearrange your final wishes long before you will need them and we can help you start that process to ease later stress and/or burdens later.

 Below we have noted the four of the most common reasons to consider scheduling your prearrangements today:




Unfortunately, many families experience disputes and hard feelings when arranging for a loved one’s unexpected or expected passing. Because memories of the loved one’s wishes sometimes contradict each other and everyone has their own way of grieving, disagreements can easily arise. By recording your plans now, your loved ones will not have to try to guess at what you may have wanted; they will be able to remember you just as you wish to be remembered. This allows you to comfort your loved ones or leave a message to help them during this difficult time. 



Did you know that within the first 24 to 48 hours of a loved one's passing that there are often more than 100 decisions and tasks must be completed? This can put a tremendous amount of stress on those left behind and many of those  questions require a decision within a certain timeframe after the death. By prearranging, you are able to make many of these decisions ahead of time; making sure final wishes are understood to those that matter. By taking these steps, you can lessen the burden and questions your family and friends may have during a time of loss. The ability to know everything is taken care of will allow them to take the first steps towards healing and properly cherish the memories you shared.



Prefunding your arrangements guarantees that the decisions you make today will be carried out just as you have directed.  Although you may not need the plans for many years to come, they will be available to aid in the care of your loved ones when that time arrives. The funds you set aside are deposited safely into a trust gains interest over time.  These funds are secured until the time of passing, so you are assured that they will be put towards their intended purposes only. By being able to record the last moments your family will have with you can offer an immense peace of mind in knowing everything will be taken care of ahead of time and allow you to add your personal touch which may provide them with an additional sense of comfort in an otherwise difficult time. You may also wish to involve your loved ones in the arrangement process so that they are also aware of what plans are in place and how you want the services carried out. 



As with nearly all products and services, inflation drives the cost of funerals up on an annual basis. By preplanning and prefunding your final wishes you will be able to generally ensure that your funeral is completely paid for at today’s prices. While many people assume savings, trusts, or life insurance will cover their final expenses, funerals must be paid for upfront, while many life insurance policies or bank accounts are not accessible to families until well after funeral services are rendered. By also prefunding your prearrangements, your family is not left to decide who will pay for the funeral. 


Hendryx Life Services is an member of the Indiana Funeral Directors Association (IFDA), which currently offers MasterChoice preneed funeral trusts to our families. 
MasterChoice is administered by the IFDA, allowing families to prepay for their final wishes by securely depositing fund into a trust. 

The funds are held by Fifth-Third Bank, who serves as the trustee. 

Because their funds are held locally by the IFDA, families can be assured that they are secure. Upon proof that the contract holder (you or your loved one) has passed, only your funeral director will be able to withdraw or access the funds.

For more information, please refer to the information below or to the
IFDA website. 



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